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Welcome To Hefei Nordon Sealing Material Co.,LTD.

Nordon sealing material co.,ltd. specialize in manufacture high quality gasket materials and seals gaskets for automobile sealing applications.

We distributor TEADIT gaskets, TEADIT Non asbestos NA1002,NA1005,NA1006,NA1100,NA1122, Teadit PTFE gaskets TF1570,TF1580,TF1590, Teadit expanded PTFE gasket 24SH,20SH and PTFE joint sealant/gasket tape 24B,24BB,25BI etc TEADIT sealing products  in China.

we make high quality composite cylinder head gasket sheet, laminates graphite sheet, compressed non asbestos & asbestos free gasket sheet, graphite gasket and non asbestos gasket at competitive prices for a wide range of industries. We have been selling our products for 15 years in global market. 
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