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Product Detail - NGP-SG106 SS304 Foil Flat Reinforced Graphite Sheet

NGP-SG106 SS304 Foil Flat Reinforced Graphite Sheet

Product Description

NGP-SG106 SS304 Flat Reinforced Graphite Sheet
Manufactured from flexible graphite sheet adhesively bonded to a 0.002" (0.05 mm) thick glued SS304 flat stainless steel sheet insert.
Product Date Sheet 
Temperature: -240~500C (In Oxidizing media) 
-240~800C (in non-oxidizing media) 
Stability under compressive stress: >=45N/mm2 
Compressibility: >=30% 
Recovery: >=15% 

Standard Sheet Size: 
1000mm x 1000mm 
1000mm x 1500mm 
1000mm x 2000mm 
1500mm x 1500mm 
1.0mm ~ 5.0mm

Special specification can be production for require.

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