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Product Detail - NGP-SG107 Mesh Wire Reinforced Graphite Sheet

NGP-SG107 Mesh Wire Reinforced Graphite Sheet

Product Description

NGP-SG107 Mesh Wire Reinforced Graphite Sheet
Manufactured from flexible graphite sheet with stainless steel wire insert. The material comprises two outer layers of graphite foil with a central stainless steel wire mesh core. The layers are bonded together in-house with a unique adhesive bonding system that does not delaminate during punching, storage and use. 
Minimum 99% purity graphite foil 
Thickness range 0.8mm to 4.0mm 
AISI 316 or 304 stainless steel wire mesh core 
Can be bent to allow fitting in difficult access situations 
Maximum service temperature 500 Deg C in oxidising conditions 
Maximum service temperature 750 Deg C in inert and reducing

Standard Sheet Size: 
1000mm x 1000mm 
1000mm x 1500mm 
1500mm x 1500mm 
0.8mm ~ 4.0mm

Special specification can be production for require.

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